Saturday, June 27, 2009

Elasti-Girl Friday 12 - Super-special Saturday Edition

Hey all!
Originally I planned on delivering some more pages from Doom Patrol #91, featuring Mento's first appearance - honestly I was originally planning to make this a Mento week, kicking off last Sunday with a special Father's Day tribute. Anyway, I got a little sidetracked and now I'm gonna be even more sidetracked.

Matthew Clark has posted some more bits of DP goodness on his MySpace page. One of those bits we've already seen, in the form of the Iron/Robotman arm-wrestling piece.

The other I've seen, but I'm not so sure you have. So now you will.

See? Matthew says:
Also I'm doing a special Doom Patrol promo piece for conventions should I actual go to one. I'm printing them up on good paper and they measure about 26 by 48 so they will be good sized and limited to a specific print run. Here are the pencils and the inks will follow in a few weeks.

I'm hoping I can catch up with Matthew at whatever con he finds himself going to. I'd love to see the final piece. Pretty sure I've got a 26"x48" space on my office wall where this would fit ever-so-nicely.

going to count this for the Elasti-Girl Friday entry, as Rita is the most prominent character on the poster.


  1. Nice - Negative Man was always the weaker of the DP 'trinity' to me. With the new look and the way he's drawn it looks like they're really focusing on giving him more strength - will be interesting to see if they keep the 'weakness while energy form is active' in the new series!

  2. Looks like he's pretty much worthless when i n energy form, judging from the preview.


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