Saturday, July 15, 2017

Episode 98: Butterflies and Mercury; Mutants and Space Arks OR Step Into the Spotlight

Another new episode of Waiting for Doom means another new post on My Greatest Adventure! Actually, another new post on My Greatest Adventure means you won't have to wait long for yet another new Waiting for Doom episode, because, y'know, I'm usually a fair bit behind on these things. 

Anyway, here's what the Podbean tells us: 
At last, Mike and Paul are BACK with a new episode of WFD, featuring everyones favourite team of superpowered misfits and outcasts, the DOOM PATROL! [Checks show notes] Wait, what? Oh. Um. Well, look, let's just be glad the show is back, shall we? LET'S GET PATROLLING!
Down on Derington Way - 9:32
Doom Clock - 12:35
Doomsplaining - 15:55 -This week we look at some comics *related* to the Doom Patrol legacy, and discuss issues 9 and 11 of Teen Titans Spotlight, focussing on Beast Boy / Changeling, and the Brotherhood of Evil!
Mailbag O Doom - 44:42 - We read your responses to the question, "What Doom Patrol character (from any run) would you like to see in a spotlight issue?"

So let's have a looksee at what the images just might be. 
Paris Cullins's cover for the Gar Logan special.


Mister All the Elements

Not so much the Brotherhood of Evil spotlight!

Everywhere he looks, Reading Hix sees gorillas wearing underwear! 

Tintin and not-quite-a-gorilla. 
Previously on He-Man and Masters of the Universe. . . 

As for next time, here's the Question of the Week
Who is your favorite anthropomorphic character? I was going to say "The Tick" to be a smart alec, but I realized that's a real Aaron Long type of answer. My answer can be found right here: 
Yup. Pig-Iron. 

And, finally, Down on Derington by Way of Bonvillain. 
Nick Derington wished everyone a Happy Independence Day! 

. . .and was feeling webheaded. . .

. . .and is now doing the alternate covers for the current Doom Patrol volume. 
In lieu of aggregating EVERYTHING Tamra Bonvillain has been working on,
here's a pinned tweet to give you a notion of how critical color truly is. 

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