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How many times have YOU watched the trailer?!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

WFD 123: Episode 123 - DO YOU KNOW IT’S JLMAY 2018??? OR At least this post doesn't have that godawful song.

Huzzah once again, fellow Doom Patrol Fans (and Mom)! 

Still playing catch-up (man, a new job, vacations, increased responsibility at said earlier job, Inktober, holidays, and kidney donation can really slow up progress and blog posts!) but here's some stuff, just for you. Let's start with a link:
Episode 123 - DO YOU KNOW IT’S JLMAY 2018???
May 20, 2018
We're back with our JLMay 2018 Episode!

Mike and Paul are joined by accredited Supergirl stalker Dr Anj from the Supergirl Comic Box Commentary Blog to do JLMay for another (third) year. It's part, err 9? or something of 12 parts The Silver Age comic series from 2000.

Follow the JLMay crossover on these great podcasts below! Each show will cover another chapter of the Silver Age event! Use the hashtag #JLMay2018 when discussing the crossover on social media!

Justice’s First Dawn – Silver Age #1

Relatively Geeky Presents – SA: Challengers of the Unknown

Coffee & Comics – SA: Justice League of America

Batgirl to Oracle – SA: Showcase

Super Mates – SA: Teen Titans

Idol Head of Diabolu – SA: Dial “H” for Hero

The Longbox Crusade –SA: The Flash

The Lanterncast – SA: Green Lantern

Waiting for Doom – SA: Doom Patrol right here, right now!

Comic Reflections – SA: The Brave & The Bold

Chris & Reggie’s Cosmic Treadmill – Silver Age 80 Page Giant

In this episode...

Our week in comics - 5:00

Down on Derington Way - 7:50

Doom Clock - 14:15

Doomsplaining - 19:20 - Discussion of The Silver Age: Doom Patrol by Tom Peyer, Sergio Cariello, Rymond Kryssing, Kurt Hathaway, James Sinclair, Ramona Fradon, Kevin Nowlan and Dan Raspler!

Mailbag O Doom - 35:45 - we go through your responses to the latest Question of the Week: Who's your favourite panel to panel visual storyteller in comics?
Not a lot in the way of images for y'all, as I sent my copy of Secret Origins and Files to Paul (I've since replaced it), but I did snag some scans before it went: 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

WFD: Episode 122: A Little Late Like Immortus Is A Little Old OR A NEW POST? Better than hamberders!

Here's the link for the episode: linkety-link-link.

Episode 122: A Little Late Like Immortus Is A Little Old
May 3, 2018

Down on Derington Way - 9:45
Doom Clock - 15:00
Doomsplaining - 20:21 - It's here! The conclusion to the arc that leads into the event that's already concluded! It's Doom Patrol Volume 6 Issue 11, by Gerard Way, Nick Derington, Tamra Bonvillain, Tom Fowler, Todd Klein, Jaime S Rich and Molly Mahan!
Mailbag O Doom - 43:35 - we go through your responses to the latest Question of the Week: What's your number 1 goal at a comic convention?

Here's some of the visual goodness unavailable on a silly podcast. 

I'll be trying to catch up with Mike and Paul and WilFreD and all the other guests between and since before the Doom Patrol show hits the airwaves. 

. . .and if I don't quite get there, well, feel free to leave a comment. Y'know, like you do. 
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