Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Waiting For Doom #64: Kup O' Berg or Cup o' Kupperberg or Heeeeeeeeeere's Paul!!

The Amazing Australians from Waiting For Doom had a chance to ask Paul Kupperberg all of the pressing questions about life, the universe, and everything, but chose to talk about Doom Patrol instead. Because, y'know, Doom Patrol.

You can find the latest episode here or in the usual spot you find the episodes, if you have one of those usual episode spots.

But you might be thinking to yourself, "Where, oh where, can I find other Waiting For Doom episodes that cover Paul Kupperberg's run?"

Deep Thoughts with Arani Desai

Well, we've got you covered.


Check out this extensive list from Mike Garvey:

Episode 11: The Lost Years (1977 and 1982) 
Showcase V. 1 #s 94-96 and DC Comics Presents #52

Episode 26: Back From the Dead! Again! Apparently. Aired 23 July2015.

V. 2 #s 1, 2, 3

Episode 27: Good Thing They Only Come Once A Year  Aired 6 August 2015.

Secret Origins Annual 1 & Doom Patrol Annual 1 (#2 also discussed)
You can also check out my coverage of the Secret Origins Annual right here on the Secret Origins Podcast. 

Episode 29: That Time Arani Took the Team to the Ozarks Aired 20 August 2015.

Doom Patrol Volume 2 #s 4, 5 & 6. Wow. That's some big difference between #4 and #6. 

Episode 30: The Life and Times of John Dubrovny Aired 27 August 2015.

Doom Patrol /Suicide Squad Special 

Episode 33: Kansas City Hijinks Aired 17 September 2015.

Doom Patrol #7 & 8

Episode 37: A Life in the Day When It Rains Plastic Men Aired 21 October 2015.

Doom Patrol #9

Episode 39: Waiting for Supergirl with Dr. Anj! Aired 4 November 2015.

The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #9. Cover art by Gil Kane.
Also covered on this episode are
Superman Family #s 191-193 and Daring New Adventures of Supergirl # 8 

Episode 40: No Way – Hot Hands Saves the Day?!?  Aired 18 November 2015.

Doom Pat#10 & Superman vol 2 #20

Episode 47: Betrayal and an Invasion? Talk About A Bad Day! Aired 3 March 2016.

Doom Patrol #11 & 12

Episode 53: Order, Chaos, Doom and Butts Aired 15 April 2016.

Doom Patrol #13 & 14

Episode 59: Attack of the High-Tech Weaponry Wielding Geriatrics! Aired 2 June 2016.

Doom Patrol #15 & 16

Episode 63: Endings…Beginnings…Doom! Aired 13 July 2016.

Doom Patrol #17 & 18. The end of an era. 

The first issue of the second volume of Doom Patrol was the first DP I ever read, and it will always be special to me, even if we never got the Kalki action figure and playset. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

YOUNG ANIMAL GROWS! OR A Very Sneaky Negative Monday

The October (really?! October?!) solicits for DC Comics hit the internets today. Well, technically, they hit sometime last week in some leak or some other thing, but, really, officially, they hit today. 

Gerard Way's Young Animal imprint triples in size, with Cave Carson and Shade, the Changing Girl joining the pull lists of many a comic book reader. 

The one we all REALLY care about, though, is 
Written by GERARD WAY
Art and cover by NICK DERINGTON
Variant cover by MICHAEL ALLRED
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details. 
What happened to Larry Trainor? The hero known as Negative Man is still out there, but he’s not exactly the same guy he was back when Doom Patrol was still together. Like a Russian doll, there is man inside the man, and who knows how many other men inside of them, with the guy on top possessing a mind for mischief that incites violence.
Meanwhile, Casey has started rebuilding Robotman, even though she still doesn’t know exactly how Cliff Steele ended up crossing her path in the first place.
On sale OCTOBER 12 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US • MATURE READERS

You can catch the full solicits for DC Comics in October 2016 right here

This month I'm going to try something new. Every solicit going forward, starting right here, I'm going to take a spin through the DC titles and match the number of Young Animal titles with titles I'm going to take a look at and read. I'll do something quick about them once I've read them either in the form of a review over on Comicosity or on my other comic book catch-all blog: Tales of My Greatest Strange Adventures

Here we go:
Superman #8. I'm a big fan of Tomasi and Gleason working together. Add in a cover (and more?) by Doug Mahnke and dinosaurs, and I cannot even begin to present an argument against this book. 

The Prestige Format returns for Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #1, written by Sarah Vaughn and drawn by Lan Medina. Boston Brand is one of my absolute favorite characters and just the thought of having two of Arnold Drake's creations available in their own titles in the same month is fantastic.

Hawkman is another character near to my heart, no matter how crappy the previous incarnation may or may not have been handled. All that matters now is that Hawkman and Adam Strange team up as once more Rann and Thanagar just can't seem to get along in Hawkman and Adam Strange: Out of Time #1. Marc Andreyko writes this one and Aaron Lopresti draws it, and I can't wait, even if it will be October. 

There ya go. Some Young Animal solicits and some books to keep an eye for as well.

How about you, gentle readers? Will you be buying all of the Young Animal stuff? What about the other three recommendations? Better yet, any books YOU are looking forward to the most? 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Waiting For Doom #63: The Back Butt or An Invasion to Remember

In Waiting For Doom #63, Paul has some issues with his nautical terminology, or perhaps he's just helping us all understand how things SHOULD be.

Here's the cover for issue #17.

Paul's super-sexy Sea Devils.

. . .and THE page from Doom Patrol (Volume 2) #17.

And now the cover for #18.

And some mopey Doom Kids. 

And a sad note to end the issue on. . .

. . .and a random panel from Invasion! #3. Art by Bart Sears and inked by Dick Giordano. 


In case you haven't heard, the parallel tracks of the Waiting For Doom podcast and this here blog are teaming up. With a new Doom Patrol series drawing ever nearer, and an amazingly Australian podcast lighting the earbuds on fire, I graciously accepted the offer to combine the awesomeness of My Greatest Adventure 80 with Waiting For Doom. Negotiations went absolutely nothing like this. . .

. . .THE DOOM PATROL!!!" Er, well, uh. . . sort of. 

Under the stern supervision of WilFreD, I'll be expanding on what Mike Garvey and Paul Hix cover on the podcast as they talk about going Down on Derington Way, Doomsplaining, or even checking the Doom Clock. We're going to start expanding your Patrol experience with the very next episode of Waiting For Doom - Episode 63.

I guess this makes me the Joshua Clay of the podcast. Or maybe the Steve Dayto- - HEY!

Until the next episode hits, why don't you call your local comic shop and order yourself a copy or three of Gerard Way and Nick Derington's Doom Patrol in the Young Animal imprint. It is suggested for mature readers, so check in with your folks before ordering. It's item JUL160263 and You can find the comic on page 89 of the July 2016 Previews. Y'know, the one with the cover like this:

UPDATE: I put this together after a long day and TOTALLY neglected to link in the web home for both (most of) my comic review work as well as Waiting For Doom's sponsor and (sort of) home: COMICOSITY. Go. Read. #LoveComics. 

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