Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Steele. Cliff Steele.

In my spare time (yes, I'm laughing too) I like to check out the cool drawings and other assorted pieces of creative magnificence over on DeviantArt. On one recent expedition, I happened across this brilliant piece and needed to share.

Drawn by A.J. Jothikumar under the handle *hyperjack08, this piece speaks of a different Cliff Steele from another time. Maybe someday we'll see more of Cliff in a setting that would be in line with this image.

For now, however, be sure to check out some of A.J.'s other masterworks!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beast Boy in the Top 100

My other site (or one of them) on these here internets, CBR, has a Top 100 DC (and also a Top 100 Marvel) characters for 2011 on the Comics Should Be Good blog. Even with minimal exposure throughout the year (unless he popped up in one of the New 52 books I simply am not reading) good ol' Garfield Logan is weighing in at #100.
Snazzy little drawing of Gar from Mike McKone's "Teen Titans" days.

I'm interested to see if we get any more Patrolers on the list. Any thoughts in that direction?

Be sure to check the list out for more fabulous characters.
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