Monday, November 12, 2012

Getting the Lead Out Part 1

[Editor's note: this post has been waiting. . .waiting. . .waiting to be be posted. I've preserved the integrity of the post as I typed it, but please be aware that new developments are already in the works and/or complete]

Some of you folks might be aware of the Eaglemoss line of lead figurines. I first happened across these things somewhere around 2006. I had seen a few of the figurines at comic shops, but hadn't bother to  purchase any.

At this time they were only producing Marvel characters under the brand Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. The first one I bought was the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing.

From there I bought Spider-Man. Then I vowed to get the Champions, my favorite Marvel hero team from my youth. Except I couldn't pass up Captain America. It would be. . . well, un-American! So I bought Cap and then decided to fill out the ranks with the characters from Avengers Forever - the core team. Except Iron Man looked really cool and so did Falcon. Eventually, I just decided to get whatever characters I wanted and could afford.

Each of the lead figurines comes with a magazine. The Marvel ones have a timeline across the bottom that  offer up recommended critical issues for that character, while the DC magazines tend to be a little slimmer and not as informative overall.

The prices vary depending on where and when you buy the figurines and a subscription model is available in the UK.

What does all of this have to do with the Doom Patrol? I'm glad you asked.

Eaglemoss has since produced a line of DC figurines under the brand of DC Comics Super Hero Collection. They've already produced a few Doom Patrol-related characters, with the core trio of Doom Patrollers set to release in the calendar year of 2012. I'll be taking some time over the course of the next week (or two) to talk about these figurines and their accompanying magazines a bit. I'm going to start with the ones that have already been released. From the image below, can you guess where I'm starting?

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