Friday, May 17, 2013


Hey all! Sorry for the complete void of, well, anything DP related for the past, well, too long. I've been busy, life's been busy, but today was a VERY rare day away from work and with it came a volunteer shift at Motor City Comic Con. After the volunteer gig, I was able to catch up with Matthew Clark, one of my favorite artists. More on Mr. Clark soon.

In related news, I was able to FINALLY secure the two issues of Superman Family that have been eluding me. Those two issues contain some Doom Patrol goodness and I'll share them here soon.

And yes, I do still owe y'all a CBR-style review of Arcudi and Huat's first issue.

But for now, behold the bounty I scored for $17!! Twelve comics and a big-head Firestorm card! Take that, Shag!

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