Monday, May 14, 2012

DP in August 2012

We already know Beast Boy (such as he is) is going to have a part to play in Ravagers, but in August, it looks like Gar Logan takes a star turn as the cover model.

Nice pants. These are sure to be all the rage this fall.
On sale AUGUST 8 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T
• Betrayal, revelations, blood, and DEATH come to the group as some find themselves powerless to the seductive charms and horrific powers of BROTHER BLOOD.
• RIDGE is prepared as a blood sacrifice to indoctrinate the newest members of Brother Blood’s cult.
• NOT everyone will survive this fatal encounter.

I'm not super-thrilled with "The Culling" to this point, but I am looking forward to these titles - and Ravagers in particular - following said Culling. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beast Boy on Young Justice

So I was catching up on my episodes of Young Justice with my kids a few weekends ago and meant to post about episode #21 titled "Image". This episode introduced a young Garfield Logan and his mother. It also put the team into conflict with Psimon and shared a tremendous amount of Miss Martian's secrets.

Over the course of the story, Gar becomes injured and has to receive a blood transfusion. From Miss Martian. The pretense here is that Miss Martian can shapeshift at the cellular level, so her blood cells could shapeshift to match Gar's. Long story short, that sets everything up for Garfield Logan to return as the Changelin- er, Beast Boy.

The second season of Young Justice is given the subtitle of Invasion and propels the storyline forward five years. With that advancement in the story, there is also a change in lineups, with the Young Justice team now including Lagoon Boy, Blue (Jaime Reyes) Beetle, Batgirl, Wonder (Cassie Sandsmark) Girl, Bumblebee and a new Robin (Tim Drake). Oh! And Beast Boy.

From Phil Bourassa's Deviantart page, I found this image, of Beast Boy in full-on Beast Mode (apologies to both Phil and Marshawn Lynch).

Beast Boy joins the Young Justice team for the second season of Young Justice
Beast Boy has never been my favorite Doom Patroller, nor Teen Titan, but I do find that I enjoy the character on occassion. Young Justice (so far) is one of those occasions. I like the blend of Changeling costume and more permanent animalistic features. Bourassa's work really updates Gar without making him look any sillier than a green boy who can turn into any animal he can think of should ever be.

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