Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DP on DC Nation

Hello again my friends! Busy, busy, busy. Yet, somehow, I keep finding ways to get even busier.

It's not that I don't still love the Doom Patrol, I'm just all over the map right now, reviewing for CBR, doing other stuff for Back to the Past, working, being a dad, y'know, stuff.

At any rate, a little while back, I caught the trailer for the DC Nation and thought I saw something Doom Patrolish.

I did.

Larry, Larry, Larry. Why, it's almost enough to bring back Negative Mondays, isn't it?!?

Then, while doing some reading of those wonderful sites over there (-->) I happened across this from Sue of DC Women Kicking Ass site.

Sorry, Sue, it was so Doom Patrolriffic, I had to snag it first and ask permission later (if at all).

Looks like the DP is going to be a regular bit on this new DC Nation.

Imagine Charlie Brown's happy dance. That's all me right now, my friends.

I'll be making a better effort to give you more. Soon. I promise.
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