Saturday, December 3, 2011

Beast Boy in the Top 100

My other site (or one of them) on these here internets, CBR, has a Top 100 DC (and also a Top 100 Marvel) characters for 2011 on the Comics Should Be Good blog. Even with minimal exposure throughout the year (unless he popped up in one of the New 52 books I simply am not reading) good ol' Garfield Logan is weighing in at #100.
Snazzy little drawing of Gar from Mike McKone's "Teen Titans" days.

I'm interested to see if we get any more Patrolers on the list. Any thoughts in that direction?

Be sure to check the list out for more fabulous characters.


  1. I'm so happy to hear this! Gar is my favourite comics character. Consider where he would be in that list if DC actually treated him properly with decent character development and great stories following out of his continuity. Oops. Did I say continuity?

  2. Gar is an awesome character for sure, but I'll want to eat my hat if Elasti Girl doesn't make the grade. Speaking of just that though, I still hold out hope she'll one day make the League. Not leave the Patrol though - but pull double shift. I mean girls can do anything right?

  3. Darn right girls can do anything, Dan!

    I'm sure Cliff'll be on the lineup somewhere.

    ToB, I wholeheartedly agree that Gar's hideously misused. I've been clamoring for years for a Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol miniseries/series/all ages book. Something along the lines of what Sterling Gates gave us in the 2009 DCU Holiday Special


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