Wednesday, July 13, 2016


In case you haven't heard, the parallel tracks of the Waiting For Doom podcast and this here blog are teaming up. With a new Doom Patrol series drawing ever nearer, and an amazingly Australian podcast lighting the earbuds on fire, I graciously accepted the offer to combine the awesomeness of My Greatest Adventure 80 with Waiting For Doom. Negotiations went absolutely nothing like this. . .

. . .THE DOOM PATROL!!!" Er, well, uh. . . sort of. 

Under the stern supervision of WilFreD, I'll be expanding on what Mike Garvey and Paul Hix cover on the podcast as they talk about going Down on Derington Way, Doomsplaining, or even checking the Doom Clock. We're going to start expanding your Patrol experience with the very next episode of Waiting For Doom - Episode 63.

I guess this makes me the Joshua Clay of the podcast. Or maybe the Steve Dayto- - HEY!

Until the next episode hits, why don't you call your local comic shop and order yourself a copy or three of Gerard Way and Nick Derington's Doom Patrol in the Young Animal imprint. It is suggested for mature readers, so check in with your folks before ordering. It's item JUL160263 and You can find the comic on page 89 of the July 2016 Previews. Y'know, the one with the cover like this:

UPDATE: I put this together after a long day and TOTALLY neglected to link in the web home for both (most of) my comic review work as well as Waiting For Doom's sponsor and (sort of) home: COMICOSITY. Go. Read. #LoveComics. 

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