Thursday, June 25, 2009

DP at the Source

The Source has some more DP goodness, laying a sneak peek at Doom Patrol #1 interior pages on us right now! I sure hope these pages wind up as preview printed pages in the next month's books, like we've seen with Power Girl, Detective, and Justice League: Cry for Justice. It'd be nice to actually turn some Doom Patrol pages with my hands!

Here's what Alex Segura has to say over at the Source:
Let’s cut to the chase: We’ve got an early look at the first issue of DOOM PATROL #1, right here. Written by Keith Giffen with amazing art from Matthew Clark and featuring a METAL MAN co-feature by Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and artist Kevin Maguire, it’s hard to think of why anyone would pass the issue up, no? But we refuse to miss a chance to show some of these great-looking pages. The world’s strangest Super-Heroes are back, and whether you think you know them or not, Giffen and Clark are pouring themselves into this new series, which — as they’ve both stated — is a dream come true.

It seems like we've been waiting forever for this book, but it's a little over a month away now!

I'll post the images later when they link in better for me.

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  1. I've been on internet free holiday all weekend and when I came back to these on your site I flipped!! Lovin' Robotman's quips and it's horror right from the first few pages - nice!!


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