Sunday, June 28, 2009

DC Universe Classics Wave 10

Hooray and huzzah!

Looks like we've got some more Doom Patrol plastic perfection headed our way! According to Julius Marx over at Action Figure Insider, Robotman and Beast Boy have been confirmed as members of the 10th wave of DC Universe Classics figures!

Other members of that lineup include Man-Bat, Joker, and Power Girl.

Here's PG from Action Figure Insider (in case you couldn't tell by the watermark).
The downside is that this wave is a Wal-Mart exclusive. That kinda sucks for folks who either don't have a nearby Walmart or flat-out don't like Walmart.

No word on who the "Collect and Connect" is, but I'm hoping it'll be Rita Farr.

As always, when I know more, I will gladly share!


  1. I think I'd feel embarrassed about buying any Power Girl figure because...well, you know...

  2. While I loathe Walmart, I'm much happier with this choice than the other figures that were recently announced, only being available on That's disappointing to me. Gotta pay for shipping and higher prices for "limited" figures. And really, WHO doesn't have a Walmart near them? They build one on every street corner, don't they? (unfortunately...)

  3. Actually we just got our first Walmart a year or so ago. Well, it was before last Christmas. . .


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