Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two For Tuesday

This post falls just after yet another Negative Monday and way too long before the next installment of Elasti-Girl Friday.
DC, on their little ol' blog The Source, dropped some charcter sketches on us today.
First up is Negative Man. I love how the "mummy wrappings" tie off on the back of Larry's head. The militaristic apparel gives Negative Man adistinct soldier of fortune look that will be interesting to see play out.
Elasti-Girl is straight forward and sassy. Nothing overly stunning, a serviceable outfit that wouldn't cause too many problems when Rita decides to employ her powers. After years of wearing a skirt into battle, it makes a little more sense to give Rita a more practical outfit.

If you want to check the direct link, make with the clicking here.
One thing is for certain, this is not your daddy's Doom Patrol.


  1. Before anyone gets upset, yes, I know the new images for today are not enlarging upon clicking. For whatever reason it doesn't want to cooperate with my work machine. I'll fix the images up real nice like this evening.


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