Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Doom Patrol! But close. . . .

The Source - curse you Alex Segura for your behind the scenes awesomeness ! - is offering up a peek into the world of the Metal Men, the co-feature set to share staples with the Doom Patrol.

Have a peek, make a click and enjoy!

This book - Doom Patrol co-featuring Metal Men - is far and away the greatest thing to happen to my comics collecting interests in years! Maguire was the first artist I followed when I got back into comics (of course, I followed Byrne, Perez, Garcia-Lopez and Art Adams as well) when I met his work with Justice League #1.

Giffen + Clark + Doom Patrol = win.

Giffen + Clark + Doom Patrol + Metal Men + DeMatteis + Maguire = winner winner chicken dinner!

I love that DC is going to put these two franchises together and give them a chance to shine. More importantly, I am really keen on the fact that the talent locked in are THE right choices for these characters all the way around!
Personally, I don't see how they cannot succeed with this title.

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