Monday, March 22, 2010

Negative Monday 31

I'll admit I'm a latecomer to the DC Comics Presents party, but better late than never I always say! I was more of a Marvel Team-Up kid growing up. After all, Spidey was my first favorite superhero, so he always remained near and dear to me, and MTU always gave you a second cool character. Besides, the DC characters I really liked were in Justice League of America. Firestorm eventually got a second series, so I could follow him there.

DCCP never apppealed to me mainly because I wasn't a huge Superfan. When I was working on the Hawkman Companion, however, I tracked down a few issues of DC Comics Presents and enjoyed them enough to track down a few more. I found the issues with Firestorm. I bought the one with Vixen. Aquaman was a must. Imagine my surprise, however, when I picked up this issue, cover dated December of 1982 and found that it co-starred the DP and also introduced Ambush Bug! I didn't know that - or perhaps I did, but didn't realize it - when I was hunting this issue down.

How much did this gem set me back you ask? One crisp dollar. Worth ten times that in my opinion. And more of my opinion (along with more than a few images from the inside) follows later this week. For now, enjoy the cover drawn by some "Giffen" guy.


  1. Love DC Comics Presents! That series had significant importance for Firestorm. It was his return to comics after the DC Implosion.

    If you don't mind black & white, there is a Showcase Presents of this series.

    I've never read the Doom Patrol issue, but now I want to. :)

    The Irredeemable Shag

  2. This is sweet - I used to compare Brave and the Bold with DCP each month to see who had the best guest-star.

    I also liked Marvel Two In One, being a big fan of the Thing. It's cool that at that point in time he was their choice for team-up book number 2.

    I think I even grabbed the same DCP Vixen issue you mentioned, with the computer game kids?

    Haven't seen this cover before, but like Shag will be looking out for it now!

  3. I had a similar experience 6-7 years ago. I had a few issues of DCCP (mostly the Starlins) but mostly ignored it because Superman is everybody's default 'wallpaper' super-hero. Then, after moving, I decided to take stock of/reread all my old Vertigo titles, which led to tracking the histories of DCU characters (like DP) who were part of the first two years of Vertigo. I was surprised to find that, while there were many more issues of B&B, the funkier characters seemed to guest star in DCCP more often. Both did a House of Mystery story, but DCCP did an Alan Moore Swamp Thing, a Forgotten Heroes 2-parter, and a Phantom Stranger/Joker team-up!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on the Showcase Presents Shag! I've seen it, I've considered the purchase, but I already have quite a few issues in that first run. DCCP isn't my main book, but if I trip across an issue I don't have or happen to have some spare coin when I hit the LCS, my LCS usually has a decent reading copy in the $1-2 range. That said, I think the first handful of issues might be harder to get, so maybe that Showcase Presents will come in handy.

    Dan- Funny enough, I was working on a project that involved a LOT of time with Two-in-One. Sadly it fell apart due to the general demands of life.

    PB - Always interesting to see how people get tracked back into stuff.


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