Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ambush Buggery

As noted by Petar on his DOOMPEDIA blog, Giffen has gone on the record over at the DC Message Boards to set the story straight regarding Ambush Bug.

For those of you who don't like to make with the clicky, here's what Giffen had to say on March 20:

Just to set things straight here before supposition runs wild...
Yes, that is Ambush Bug's eye.
Yes he is joining the DP book BUT as a supporting player.
No, he will not join the core team and finally...
Yes, bouncing him off of Larry is more fun than I should be allowed to
I now cede the floor to wolfspider...

Wolfspider is a poster on the DC Message Boards who has made no secret of his contempt for Giffen's current handling of the DP.

Now all we have to wait for is some art from Matthew Clark showing Mr. Bug. . . or do we?


  1. Is it awful that I wish Larry was a little less of a goofball smartass all the time? I know he's not going to go back to being a mystical enigma type of guy(gal?) like Rebis, but sometimes I just want him to shut up. One cold comment at a well-timed moment can be worth a lot more laughs than being constantly obnoxious. Just my take on the current state of the character. It's been awhile since I read my DP Archives, but was he always like this back in the original version? It's almost like he's being written like JLI's Ted Kord BB back in the day. I remember Geoff Johns trying to do a play on "Negative Man" and make him all pessimistic during the brief Titans "relaunch" of the DP. What happened to that idea? Whereas Cliff's personality has been fairly consistent over the years, I feel like this is a new Larry. I just want Giffen to chill him out a little bit. Cliff is like the "everyman" of the team, but I feel like Larry should be a bit smarter, more of a wicked smartass, not a goofball. Just my opinion.

    I'm not an Ambush Bug fan, but I can't say I know a ton about the character either. I have that DC Comics Presents issue too. Still, it's cool that he's being added into the mix. DP should definitely be visited by oddball and obscure characters. Personally I'd love to see Black Orchid (the Vertigo-ized version) or some of those other early-Vertigo crossover characters like Kid E or Shade the Changing Man drop in. But that's not really the feel Giffen is going for, I take it.

    More than anything, I'm just waiting for Cliff and Jane's reunion. Next issue, maybe? It's taking forever. Is it too much to hope for Giffen to nail this moment?

  2. The 'negative-as-in-pessimistic' Negative Man was John Arcudi's Ted Bruder (who I suspect is the new Clock King who appeared two years ago). After Arcudi's characters disappeared, John Byrne wiped the continuity. Then came "Infinite Crisis", "52" and "One Year Later", where Geoff Johns' mopey version of Larry was the first attempt to reconcile the pre-Byrne versions. The difference between Giffen's Negative Man and his Blue Beetle is that BB seemed goofy because he was an adventurer for kicks to begin with. Larry doesn't have much of a life outside the DP. The humor he is exhibiting is what psychologists would call an avoidance mechanism. It's supposed to feel a little creepy precisely because it ISN'T how he would normally act if he were feeling safe and well adjusted. He's instinctively trying to put a distance between himself and his circumstances.

  3. Supporting character?! Really? Whoa. I'm really curious to see how THIS is going to work. I wonder if Cheeks, The Toy Wonder will show up...

  4. Personally I'm hoping Ambush Bug is one of many. . .


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