Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More with Matthew Clark

Once again, the ever-accomodating Matthew Clark took some time to answer my ponderances.

Which got me to thinking, I need a fun little tag for my semi-regular sessions with Mr. Clark. Any of you have any creative labels to throw on it? Pin them up in the comments section if you do, please.

Without further ado, here's the latest:

MGA: Why did the cover art change for issue #7?

MC: It was an editorial decision made at the last minute, they were looking over the issue and the tone of it, and felt that the cover which EVERYONE loved wasn't the right image. It was a bit too cutesy. I was told its a great cover but with this being the first issue after Blackest Night the DP needed to be on the cover so I had the promo all inked and colored and ready to go. I saw the final mock-up with all the New York Post fonts and they did a fantastic job there in production. Kenny Lopez did it and it looked so awesome.
MGA: The first collection of issues from this series has been solicited. To the best of your knowledge, will it have any extras from you?

MC: I have no idea. They didn't ask me for any sketches or what-nots but then again they have a lot of that stuff since i sent them jpegs. I don't imagine but you never know.

MGA: You mentioned Porcelain Doll the last time we talked, since then she's popped up, both in issue #7 and in the "looking forward" page at the end of #5 where she was labelled "The Porcelain Assassin". What is the character's name? What more can you tell us about her?

MC: From the first time I drew her and sent her to Keith [Giffen] and Liz [Gehrlein] she had the name Porcelain Doll. Right now no one has asked here her name in the book and we want everyone to know she's a assassin It's a cool title.
Keith came up with a cool background after I showed him my design for a new villain. More of her tale is coming up. So no teaser except that she will have a famous grandfather.

MGA: What is the current situation like in sharing issues with Ron Randall? How are the two of you deciding how to split work?

MC: I pick the pages I want to draw, Crazy Jane and Porcelain Doll are all mine. Last page, so I can make sure the caption box is incorporated. It's sometimes a very difficult process and when we're behind the eightball and I've been ill and having to give up more pages than I'd like too.

What are your thoughts on the new editorial/publisher announcements for DC Entertainment?

MC: Will answer later

MGA: Any convention plans this year?

MC: Doing a show in NYC this weekend [that being the New York Comic Book Marketplace on Feb 28 I believe - DZ], Emerald City in March [this coming weekend] then New York Comic Con in October if everything goes well. I'm not a convention person for the most part. I like them but I'm not much of a traveler.

MGA: If you had to explain - in one sentence - who Crazy Jane is to readers, what would you tell them?

MC: 87 unique super powers wrapped into 1 person badly.

As always, thanks goes out to Matthew! He's been a pleasure to work with on these interviews, and I've been enjoying the passion he's been bringing to his work on Doom Patrol.

Feel free to post your thoughts for the "regular" column with Matthew Clark in the comments.


  1. Umm... "The Clark Bar"? Actually there might be a trademark problem with that. "Oolong Has This Been Going On"? No, doesn't have anything to do with the concept. Good pun, though. I'm sure that with days for Larry and Rita that you'll want something for Cliff, too. Like "Cliff's Hangers" or something. Maybe "Steele Yourself" or "Steele Your Face" for any Deadheads out there. Or "Steele Softly Through Snow" for Beefheart fans. But for Matthew Clark? How does he feel about "Do The Matt"? "MC5 Questions"? (Sorry, still stuck on rock bands.) I'll get back to you.

  2. You gave me more than one good laugh there!

  3. Nice interview! I would put suggestions forward but it's late and my mind has retired.. 'Clark Encounters' maybe? Will see what ideas sleep brings.

  4. I like "You Do The Matt" for the Matt Clark interviews.

    I wonder why he's laying claim to Crazy Jane. Ok, she's a cool character - though I do wish he'd give her some facial expressions when he draws her - her mouth isn't even open when she talks. Also, I don't remember her always referring to Cliff as "Clifford." So far her appearance has been just a few pages in the last and the latest issues, but we haven't seen any of her alternate personalities. She didn't used to be able to control them and when they'd "popout." Then again, Larry didn't used to be a clone and Rebis was a legit character. I do like Clark's Jane design for the most part - minus the facial piercings and the patchy pants, maybe. But then so far she doesn't even have clothes on. Interesting tidbits about why the cover switcheroo, though I think the "Oolong Island or Bust" cover should've been used in place of the Justiniano cover. Bleh. Just my take on it.


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