Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Doom Patrol and Ambush Bug

So I asked Matthew Clark if Ambush Bug would indeed be in the next issue of Doom Patrol.

He answered me, one single word, three little letters. That's all I'm going to say about that.

If the "he" were to equal "Ambush Bug" (hypothetically) then what would the "it" be?

Conversely, if "he" is not "Ambush Bug", does "it" not exist?

Tune in next time* as I take us way back to another time when "Doom Patrol" and "Ambush Bug" were mentioned in the same comic. . .

* yes, this is, indeed, going to further delay the already delayed analysis and/or review of Showcase #94


  1. YES?! Wow, THIS is going to be interesting...

  2. I was kind of surprised to see Ambush Bug worked into "52" a few years ago. This higher profile spot might be a nod to DP history but it might also be a comment on the fact that Marvel has seemed to have a bit of success reworking Deadpool into a variation of Ambush Bug. In the past couple years the writers of Deadpool have appeared to be in a contest with Fred Hembeck to dig up characters who haven't dated well or been unfairly ignored. And that's Irving's schtick.


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