Monday, March 8, 2010

Negative Monday 29

Another quick one as I try to get things back on track.
Dan Schoening - aka Dapper Dan - artist extraordinaire and sole proprietor of Dapper Dan's Pomade drew this nice collection of the Doom Patrollers for me a while back. The version above is his first pass, the version below is a more recent follow-up.
Dan's art is one of a kind, mixing Don Bluth sensibilities, Bruce Timm dynamics and a modern flair. This guy does some phenomenal stuff. Be sure to check out his site when you get a moment or two of free time.

Dan's done work for LeapFrog and DC. Speaking of DC, I just now - as in right now as I'm typing this found another blog from Mr. Schoening - Dapper Dan's DC Moleskin(e)! After doing a little happy dance, I've linked it right here.

I've also got another sketch from Dan that will be posted over at Red Tornado's Path tomorrow.

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