Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Doom Patrol #1

The big day is here! Doom Patrol #1 hits the stands and makes quite an impact doing so.

I'm not going to spoil anything, save to say someone doesn't make it home.

I'll share a little more later. I'm going to use this issue as fodder for the next week or so of posts.

Until then, here's THE panel from the book for me.

This issue also contained a sneak peek into Magog, as well as the Metal Men backup (or second feature as DC prefers to label it with political correctness only a standards auditor can appreciate). I truly enjoyed Metal Men, even if it was thematically 180┬║ away from Doom Patrol. Seriously, how can any COMIC fan not find something to enjoy from a tale by Giffen, DeMatteis and Maguire? Even though it was just a preview, Magog is starting to lose me as the gore quotient seems like it is going to be pretty high. We'll see.

More later, after my Doom Patrol review is posted on CBR. Spoilers for the review: I gave the issue 3.5 stars out of 5. It needs to stretch a little more for that perfect 5.


  1. Liked this comic a lot, which I admit was unexpected; I was excited but trying to keep my expectations low. It does well for a first issue, even if though the opening was a bit rushed. Matthew Clark's artwork has a lot of potential but I find his bodies stilted--Negative Man, though. He totally nailed it with Negative Man.

    Metal Men, shit, that feature was perfect.

    All in all, it's pretty spectacular that two of my favourite hero concepts are stuck in a book together. Robots! Magnus! Caulder!

  2. I'm a huge Doom Patrol fan (favorites were the original series, and Grant's run, personally.) This first issue seemed really short. I actually counted the pages (I've been curious to see if we're losing pages in the main comic, for these second features. Looks like they're about three pages shorter than a usual comic, which isn't too much to gripe about.)

    Spoilers on!

    First, I really don't like the way Geoff John's "rebooted/Superboy punched" the team back into existence, set them all up; and then Keith came back and just reworked them again. New costumes, base of operations, etc. But here's hoping Keith gives us some background on the time between their return, and this current version. It is only the first issue, so I need to cut him some slack.

    I thought most of the main team was REALLY off, characterization wise. BUT I think that MIGHT be on purpose. What with the priest talking to Niles about it; and even Bumblebee bringing it up to Rita, I think there's something going on that we just don't know about. Cause Cliff has always had a big heart, and Rita worked with Nudge for quite some time in the John Byrne issues, so their attitudes towards what happened (and just letting Grunt run off into the jungle) make little sense. But again, I'm hoping that's part of what's going on in this new story arc.

    Seems Niles is still rather nasty and evil! Some of the information found on his computer monitor makes me think he's still just as vile as when Grant was writing him. Well, ok, not THAT vile, but still... I'm REALLY curious how he got his body back, since he was just a head (and actually died at the end of the second series. Or was all that Superboy Punched? I get confused with all these punches! LOL)

    I wish he'd set up the ending a bit bigger, hooked people more. I'll stick with it, of course. If it says Doom Patrol on the cover, I'm gonna buy it. But right now, I'd give it a 2.5, eh, maybe a 3.

    I like Matthew Clark! I really do, but I'm having a hard time with his work on this book right now. Hopefully it'll click with me down the line. I'm curious if maybe it's the inker or something? I've seen some of his other work, and liked it better.

    Crossing my fingers the book is around a long time!

  3. I didn't make the connection on the first read, but with the second, I did. "The Priest" is Rocky from the Challengers of the Unknown, making my panel choice that much more fun.

    As for the characterization, they did seem a bit off, but part of that was explained away in the text files that interspersed Father Rocky's visit with each character. It also gave Giffen the perfect out to dispense with the "incidentals".


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