Friday, August 21, 2009

Bonus post

So I was just killing some time, skimming the message boards over at DC and this post from giffen1 (aka Keith Giffen) hits me:

Okay, gang, it's out. Rant, rave shriek, holler, whatever. Believe it or not,
your input means alot to us. Pull no punches. We can take it. We welcome it.
Without your support we are D..E..A..D.. dead. Just one request, no mind
reading, okay? Assumptions accomplish nothing. Oh and, yes, we all care that
much. You have no idea how dedicated we are to making this work. As a teaser...
What has one body, dozens of personalities and looks good in a maxi-dress? If
you last until issue seven, you'll know. K-

Especially this part.

As a teaser... What has one body, dozens of personalities and looks good in a
maxi-dress? If you last until issue seven, you'll know.

Even if you weren't a fan of Morrison's version of the DP, you knew of Crazy Jane, and maybe even liked the character. I'm looking forward to seeing what our DP masterminds Giffen and Clark can pull together for this young lady. . .


  1. I'm not familiar with Crazy Jane, or just about anything from Morrison's run, but this is not surprising as Giffen basically said he intended to touch on Morrison's run -- in fact, I think he said he would touch on all the previous Doom Patrols.

    I intend to support this book the best way I can -- buying it! I even got a friend of mine to buy it, as he was looking for an "in" for superhero comics, and the "weird" crew of the DP fit perfectly for him. (Also, he likes robots, so the Metal Men backup helped as well.)

  2. It's always awesome when creators live and breathe the assignments and get really sunk in. I really hope this goes well especially for Keith, so fans can still be enjoying this like Gails Secret Six and other creator passionate works years from now.

  3. Geez, I miss a weekend and I'm four posts behind!
    Crazy Jane's fate was the focus of the very last Morrison Doom Patrol story; Rachel Pollack did all the Vertigo issues, so depending on what their 'canon' status is these days, it might be the last issue in continuity. In short, she's living on Danny the World.
    Kay Challis was a farm girl who was sexually and psychologically abused by her father until he died (of cancer) when she was 17. She repressed the experiences and developed multiple personalities who would cope with the pain for her (years later Cliff tried logging them for her and lost count after 64). She moved to Metropolis (where a paranoid schizophrenic could function without being noticed) and was able to live without incident until, in her mid-twenties,she was raped in a church by a drunk on Easter. One of her personalities manifested to protect her and killed the rapist. She was sent to a mental institution in lieu of prison until after the "Invasion!" mini-series (now in paperback?).
    SPOILER: "Invasion!" ends with a gene bomb; read it for details. Anyway, Kay is one of the humans triggered by the blast, but somehow it's her multiple personalities that have super-powers, some useful others not. The bomb and other events of "Invasion!" lead Cliff to check himself into the same institution voluntarily. The staff believe that if Cliff took responsibility for Jane that it would be therapeutic for both of them.(DP#'s 19-22)
    END SPOILER: Expect Giffen to hide references to any or all of those terms in the coming months. One caveat though: Kay killed off the memory of her father, integrating herself in DP#54-56; later, powerless without her multiple personalities, the Candlemaker sent her to Hell (our world, or maybe DC Earth-Prime?) where she was subjected to ECT (electro-convulsive therapy), left her nearly mindless. Cliff and Danny eventually found her and they all lived with Rebis and Danny's other inhabitants until Cliff returned in the Mahnke period.


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