Monday, July 6, 2009

Negative Monday 12

So we're under a month until Doom Patrol #1 by Keith Giffen, Matthew Clark, Livesay, and crew hits the stands!

Until then, I'll keep posting nuggets from here and there. Today, I decided we'd take a peek a something really negative - the conflict (the negative power struggle) between Val and Larry in issue #4 of the Paul Kupperberg, Steve Lightle, and Gary Martin series from 1987.

Here's the cover. That Steve Lightle certainly knew how to craft one helluva cover, eh? What's he up to nowadays?
Upon discovering Larry Trainor in the clutches of the sinister Kalki (another time, but same place - here on this blog!) the DP bring Larry back to Kansas City. The problem is, however, that Val doesn't want to give up the Negative being.
This, of course, in typical 1980s-comic fashion, leads to some seriously retina-damaging color choices and one whiny former superhero.
Come back next week for the next segment in Negative Mondays. I'll pick it up from here.

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