Friday, July 31, 2009

Elasti-Girl Friday 14

Sorry for the lack of postiness! I was being lazy. Literally. I had two days off work and went to the cottage on Harsen's Island with my lovely wife and kids to visit with the lovely wife's lovely family from Colorado. Good times. Beers were indeed harmed in the making of this vacation. If you're a fan of the barley pop, take my advice and find yourself some Fat Tire. Brewed in Colorado. Good stuff.

But enough about me!

If any of you were savvy enough to read the comments to previous posts or to follow my good buddy in bloggery, Dan Woodward's posts, you would have already happened across this on your own.

If you haven't here's some news:

Doom Patrol #1 by Keith Giffen, Matthew Clark, Livesay, Pat Brousseau, and Guy Major hits the stands this week. I'm kinda excited about that. Extra bonus, I get to review it for

Newsarama (hereafter referred to as the other comic news site, or OCNS) has a preview with a couple more pages than we've seen to this point. I have a copy of the variant cover image, right here.

Nice, eh? Yes, I'm going to be dropping some extra money this week. That variant is just too much fun.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Doug - that's awesome news that you get to review it for CBR! I'm hoping the 'Kong' cover is what arrives in the mail for me this month.


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