Monday, July 27, 2009

Negative Monday 14

Wow, do I ever suck at this blogging thing. Unless of course, you recall that I told you up front that I wasn't going to be able to regularly post.

Irregularity. That's my specialty. And no, I haven't seen a doctor about it.

Speaking of doctors, Dr. Torres and Dr. Bone (specialists in coolness) are going to be in the operating room this Wednesday as Batman: the Brave and the Bold #7 hits the shelves. By operating room, I mean your local comics shop. And, no, they won't physically be at your local comic shop, but their handiwork will be.

Graced with the good fortune of having their tale hit the shelves one week before the first issue of the regular series, these two fellows joined me for the first interview hosted here on My Greatest Adventure. The link is right here.

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