Monday, July 13, 2009

Negative Monday 13

(in very best Doofensmirtz voice) Look at that! The thirteenth installment of Negative Mondays on Monday the thirteenth!

Sorry for that, I've been soaking up as much Phineas & Ferb and possible with the kids.

Continuing the exploits of Larry Trainor and his negative thoughts, here's the cover for this week's episode.
The team (Joshua Clay, Negative Woman, Celsius, Lodestone, and Karma) are off on the trail of Niles Caulder, or so Arani (Celsius) Caulder would have everyone believe. Larry Trainor, however, is left to stew about Val Vostok maintaining her hold on the Negative energy being.

Serendipitous that the rant from Trainor just so happens to be on page 13 for this, the thirteenth installment of Negative Monday, no?

This series has been entertaining to re-investigate. Arani is really a bit obsessed, and I wonder where that character could have gone. Kupperberg did a great job of making her a schemer, but didn't make her intolerable.

I haven't been able to go as in depth with it as I really want to. I'm hip-deep in my second book and have been devoting my back-issue re-reading time to that endeavor.

Another bit of negativity: this is Steve Lightle's last issue on the art chores.

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