Friday, July 30, 2010

Elasti-Girl Friday 23

Some things in life are true: the sky is blue, summer is hot, work is a four-letter word and "Girl Friday" has more of an air of fun about it than "Woman Friday." That said, Elasti-(blank) Friday is returning to "Elasti-Girl Friday as of right now. See? Right now.

Happy Elasti-Girl Friday to you.

Sure, Rita may be referring to herself as Elasti-Woman and a certain Mrs. Parr may have had a swipe at the Elasti-Girl moinker, but Elasti-Girl Fridays on My Greatest Adventure 80 will be devoted to Rita, regardless of her codename.

So what happy gem do I have for you on Elasti-Girl Friday 23? How's about a nice sneak peek at Matthew Clark's art for Doom Patrol #13, due out next week? Sound good?

Sure it does.

Matthew Clark refers to this image of Rita as, "quite possibly my favorite shot of Rita to date." Props to Matthew, this one is very nice. Rita's rocking the sunglasses and has a look about her.

I am really looking forward to this issue next week. How about you kids?

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