Monday, July 19, 2010

Negative Monday #34

I told you all to come back and check  in on the Doom Patrol related goodness from the October solicits today. If you're back because of that, welcome back!

Except we covered all the DP stuff with the last post.

You can still check out the DC solicits for October over at CBR. Looks like there's some interesting stuff in the the month of Halloween there. I'm especially keen to the Ragman one-shot.

To ease your pain and (hopefully) get things back on (some sort of) track, here's a Negative panel for you:

Negative Man at his best. Art by Ron Randall.

Doom Patrol #12 was a nice offering from the DP creative crew. It gave us a story of the Patrol's failure that will certainly have some marked impact on the team's future. Good stuff and a nice switch to see the good guys lose without anyone getting their arms ripped off or heads punched off from the rest of their bodies.

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