Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maybe I need a Beast Boy Week. . .

All of these ideas and no time to deal with them!

J. T. Krul is taking over the writing chores on Teen Titans and bringing Nicola Scott with him to handle the art. The Source covered this in greater detail last week, and you can read about it there.

Nicola Scott popped by Newsarama and had a conversation with Vaneta Rogers. Over the course of their conversation, Nicola mentioned
And I love Beast Boy's little tooth that sticks out. Some artists do the tooth but others don't. And the artists that do it sometimes don't do it in every panel. But I'm quite big on consistency. I like to see the same face on the same characters over and over again.

I'm with Nicola on this one. It's a nice variation to the character and it helps keep Gar from being just a green-colored kid. The Teen Titans cartoon from a few years back is the first place that I recall seeing this look for Gar, and Nicola's drawing of him seems like a natural progression of where that character might be nowadays.

I know this is, at best, a tangential connection to the Doom Patrol, but Gar is still family, whether he's in this book or not.

Personally, I've been down on Teen Titans for at least a few years now, but that looks like it might change, if Nicola Scott's enthusiasm makes it through to the printed page.


  1. Nicola Scott is definitely one of DC's best rising stars. Her Secret Six and Wonder Woman: Blackest Night were and are amazing works to drool over.

    Here she does Gar and Superboy so well, it's crazy.

    Beast Boy week is a great idea!

  2. I like the juvenile delinquent Beast Boy of the early DP, even if his wackier, more vulnerable New Teen Titans self is also quite loveable.

  3. I've done a big blog series on the history of Terra and how her Judas Contract arc with Gar reflects Doom Patrol history. All the posts relevant to DP and Gar, Dayton, and Tara are here:



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