Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Comics Wednesday!

There's some Doom Patrol goodness hitting the shelves this week!

No, it's not the new Giffen & Clark series. It is Showcase Presents Doom Patrol Volume 1. These Showcase Presents volumes, in case you've been living under a rock, really pack a punch for not much scratch. Granted, the stories are printed in black and white on newsprint, but good luck tracking down any single issue reprinted in this book for less than the $16.99 cover price.
Volume 1 contains My Greatest Adventure #80-87, Doom Patrol #88-101 and Challengers of the Unknown #48. Over twenty issues in one easy to carry book. If I were a professor and this were Doom Patrol 101, this would be the text book waiting for you at the campus bookstore. Of course, if that were the case, none of you would ever read it after paying $84.95 for it at the campus bookstore.
These are the Arnold Drake (with Bob Haney) and Bruno Premiani stories that inspired generations of DP creators since. Sure, they might be a little far fetched and kinda wacky, but it IS comics, after all.
Do yourself a favor, skip some of those books you've been buying but haven't been enjoying and pick this up this week. You'll thank me for it.


  1. I saw this collection at a local comics shop on Wednesday and enjoyed reading your write-up here. I agree that many of the stories from decades ago are more satisfying than new comics available today.

    I'd like to add the Doom Patrol to my blogroll at the Defenders Fansite: www.defendersfan.blogspot.com

  2. I think this volume has SOLD OUT at my local comic shop! Hot damn!

  3. Sold out at my LCS. Twice. They have a standing order for 3 more copies. A nice problem to have.


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