Saturday, October 8, 2016

Episode 73: New Doom Patrol vs New NEW Doom Patrol. What? OR Nude Patrol

There's a new Waiting for Doom episode! Of course there is! But what's this one all about? Well, here's the details from the Podbean:

Episode 73: New Doom Patrol vs New NEW Doom Patrol. What?
Mike and Paul are back with more Doom Patrol awesomeness, with added helpings of legal issues and eastern mysticism! Good grief! LET'S GET PATROLLING!!

Down on Derington Way - 6:15
Doom Clock - 11:30
Doomsplaining - 14:02 - This week we look at issues #3 and #4 from volume 3, by John Arcudi and Tan Eng Huat!
Mailbag O Doom - 48:57 - We read your responses to the question, "What is your favourite conflict in fiction?"

From the Down on Derington Way segment, here's the cover: 

Look for more about the rest of the December 2016 Young Animal releases a bit later right here on this site. 

Now, let's get on to the issues of Volume 3 that Mike and Paul covered. Here's the cover for #3. 
Huat was brilliant then and the work still (ahem) holds up. 

Let's check in at Bruno's. Before we go in, though, click on this image. Do it. Click. Only then can you be utterly humbled by the amazing detail Huat brings to this comic. Look at those bricks! And window frames! And that VW bug! Slug bug - yellow! No slugs back! 

A slice of life for this team. 

Ron Gomz, Negati-er, Flash Forward, and Kid Slick. Sick. 

Tan Eng Huat is simply remarkable. I could just flip through this volume for a day. Or more. But then the story, well, Arcudi did NOT try to walk in anyone's shows. Sure, he was respectful of what came before, but he also forged straight ahead, making this Doom Patrol its own thing, and a darn good thing all the way through. 

Let's take a look at #4 now. 

That's a big sword. I'd've liked to see the old teams facing off trope on this cover, but as it is, this is pretty darn good. 
This new Doom Patrol and the business aspect of it all was a bit much for me at the time. I was sleep-deprived (my middle daughter was not yet 1, my oldest, maybe 4) and just wanted superheroes punching stuff in my comics. Now, well, now, I think this series is freaking brilliant. 
Kid Slick breaks the news about the NEW Doom Patrol. 
Ted might be a jerk, but he's OUR jerk. What a great little twist. 
Fax machines need power to run. 
The next three images really don't need captions, as they tell stories in their own right, but Huat also nails the art. 

Paul and Mike refer to this as the forgotten Patrol. Check the labels to the right and click "Metamorpho". I remembered. I also remembered Rex's birthday. Did you?

And then there's the clue about Ava. 
No, Ted. That's Ava, aka Freak. 
With this post, I'm going to add something new. It's a bit like the Random Panel from other comic blogs, but these aren't so random. Let's call them Doug's Digs, and it'll be the single panel from each issue that I dig the most. Might be because of dialog, art, or just because. No rationale given, just an extra image for you to click and enjoy. 

And be sure to sound off, what's YOUR favorite panel for each issue?  
Doug's Dig DPv3 #3
Doug's Dig DPv3 #4

And that's a wrap my friends and fellow Patrollers. Don't forget the second issue of the Way Derington run hits THIS COMING WEDNESDAY! 

In case you need a refresher on what to look for, here's the cover to what seems to be a Larry Trainor-centric issue (I hope): 
Of course it'll have a UPC and all, but you get the gist. 

While you're waiting for Doom (see what I did there?) Patrol #2, here's your Question of the Week:
Who is your favorite Mister? The character identified with a moniker of Mister _________________ [fill-in-the-blank].
I have a separate answer, but having just seen this TV commercial, well, this might be the winner for me.


  1. Must say Im a fan of this Nude Patrol idea. Cheers to that one. Not too happy to find Mike doesn't like/not watched Babylon 5.... That is a truly fantastic series. It had me thinking MJS was the BEST writer of recent times which was probably ture until Paul filled me in and it seems as though he started to believe his own hype and got an ego as epic as this show was. I really recommend watching this from start to finish. Season 1 is the weaker season but it really does have this that are constantly referred back to in later seasons. Plus the White Star is still one of the sexy star ships ever designed. Simply gorgeous.

  2. Replies
    1. Typos are part of life, my friend. No worries here.


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