Thursday, September 8, 2016

Waiting for Doom Episode 70: Enjoying a Vol-Au-Vent of Life-Force with Steve Lacey! OR DUCKS!!

The boys are at it again! And, if I'm doing the math right, this is the very last Waiting for Doom episode before the launch of Doom Patrol Volume 6 or Doom Patrol from Young Animal or Way and Derington's Doom Patrol or something like that. 

Not only that, but Steve Lacey from THE Fantasticast joins in. 

So, let's get getting. Here's the show notes as compiled from Podbean. 

This week we are joined by special guest Steve Lacey, from the Fantasticast podcast, to discuss a special issue that is an..homage? Riff? Act of plagiarism? 

  • Down on Derrington Way

And here's some art from the issue itself. 

The cover featuring the classic Doom Patrol as they don't appear in this comic against the mighty Celestius, by Shaky Kane.
While Morrison is on task for writing this one, Richard Case has most of the issue off, with Ken Steacy stepping up to draw the interiors in a very Kirby style. 
Steacy does Kirby. 

The fellas that the fellas talked about. What you didn't see was Mike, Paul, and Steve were each role-playing these guys in full costume. 

Hmmm. Reminiscent of Syndrome from the Incredibles.
And the ducks. 
I am typing this from my Comfee Hover-Chair. 
Something, something, Man-Hattan Island. 

And Celestius. 

Celestius and Guru with all the pointing and gesticulating. 
A change of heart for Cliff/Not-Cliff

Elastiwoman helps with the evacuation. Rather Giffen-looking in the middle panel, don't you think?

Doom Patrol #53 (do I need to tell you it's Volume 2, since it is the ONLY #53 Doom Patrol has had as of this date?) homaged the crazy Stan Lee/Jack Kirby cosmic Fantastic Four adventures, but specifically had some relevance to Fantastic Four #51. Which is a classic. That you should read. The cover looks like this. Never mind the fact that Morrison heavily borrowed the plot for use in Doom Patrol #53, as both comics exist in the world. 

Here's an example of the Kirby collage Steve mentions. 
Trippy and now digitally colored. Screen-capped from Marvel Unlimited. Check it out. 
Before I close this one out, here's a snip of what Nick Derington's been doing out on Twitter this week, with Casey Brinke in both pencils and ink.

Now, have at it, Patrollers, here's your question of the week: 
What is something you didn't know about comics at first?

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  1. Personally, I had no idea there were so many people responsible for actually working on the comics: writers, pencilers, inkers, colorists. I thought for sure if I was doing it all myself (on paper, with crayons) the same held true all over, right?


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