Thursday, September 1, 2016


The fine folks over at have an exclusive reveal of all of the variant covers for the Young Animal releases in October. Check out the full article here

As for the Doom Patrol precisely, here's the variant, courtesy of Mike Allred. 

I'm not a big variant guy, unless it's an action figure cover by John Tyler Christopher, but these Doom Patrol (and Young Animal on a larger scale) variants are all topnotch. 

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  1. Anybody anxious about the new Cave Carson series might want to prepare for it by reading Paul Chadwick's "The World Below". The entire feature (two minis and some short stories from anthologies) were all collected into a single trade about ten years ago or so. It would be nice if Carson's own adventures could finally be reprinted, most for the first time in over 50 years, since they could all fit in a single volume.

    I've wanted to see more of Allred on Doom Patrol ever since he did a tongue in cheek Teen Titans story for "Solo" #7(12/05). It takes place c.1966 with the Titans throwing a party in one of Bruce Wayne's penthouse apartments,unaware that Rita is hosting the DP in the apartment below.


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