Tuesday, September 6, 2016

COMIXOLOGY SALE on Young Animal!

Comixology is having an Intro to Young Animal sale
Morrison Doom Patrol! Most (all?) of the Vertigo Shade series! And Resurrection Man?! And War of the Gods?!? And The War That Time Forgot?!?!?! 


I can see the Resurrection Man tie-in (I think) as Cave Carson appears with Resurrection Man in the banner on the sale page, but I'm not sure how the other pieces click in to Young Animal beyond the obvious Shade connection. 

I might pick up some of the Resurrection Man issues, since there is an obvious Forgotten Heroes homage or angle there and I didn't read the series the first time out. Might even dip my toe into that War That Time Forgot

How about y'all? Anyone going digital on the Doom Patrol? Plugging some holes or upgrading? 

The gents on Waiting for Doom will be covering Doom Patrol #53 this week, which is in this sale, if you want to follow along for 99¢. 

Sound off below and let us know how you're taking advantage of this sale. 

1 comment:

  1. War of the Gods has a minor supporting role for Cave Carson, but it's a pretty tenous justification to include them. Plus they're terrible.

    The Resurrection Man stuff is pretty good and I'm pretty sure that includes the first appearance of the titular Cybernetic Eye.

    Never looked at that War that Time Forgot. Mildly curious.

    I'm a little disappointed by the limited offering of Doom patrol comics. The Grant Morrison run isn't hard to find in libraries and stores. Would have jumped all over digital copies of the '78 Showcase issues, the Arcudi/Huat run or even Byrne stuff.


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