Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New Post, New 52

I'm not sure how long DC can call the rebooted DC Universe line "The New 52," but for sake of clarification, I'll play along. For now. 

I'll fully admit, I have no clue whatsoever if the Doom Patrol ever existed in this post-Flashpoint world. I seriously doubt it, since there really is no concrete evidence of Larry Trainor or Rita Farr, at least not that I've seen. I mean maybe Larry flew with Hal Jordan still if that one issue of Green Lantern is still in canon, but DC has some powerfully selective memories for what still holds true and what doesn't. 

So we'll move on. 

Danny the Street has appeared in Teen Titans. I haven't been getting that book, but there is a nice little story here on Comics Worth Reading. I'm certain this cannot possibly be as creative as the original Danny concept or even Giffen's re-imagining of the character as Danny the Brick. 

Niles Caulder is a recurring character in Ravagers, a title which also stars one-time Doom Patroller Beast Boy. Admittedly, I haven't given this title much attention or money as every issue I've sampled of it woefully disappoints. Furthermore, neither character seems to have much resemblance to their previous incarnations. Caulder is still a scientist, but ambulatory and affiliated with other characters, like Fairchild and Superboy. Beast Boy is red now, a visual cue that he is connected to the same mystical source of animal-based power used by Animal Man. 

Unfortunately, I personally find Ravagers to be an awful comic book from concept to execution, and cannot justify shelling out three bucks a month for something that may or may not (smart money is on "not") pan out to be Doom Patrol-related. It is, however, the strongest chance we have to see more Doom Patrollers, so if anyone else is more tolerant of the title than I am, please share your discoveries. 

Cliff Steele appears in My Greatest Adventure along with Maddy Rouge. I'll get more in depth on the adventures of Cliff Steele in that comic book very soon. 

Finally, re-imagined members of the Brotherhood have popped up in the pages of Blue Beetle. That Brotherhood included an unnamed employer, Phobia, Warp, Plasmus and a character that seems to be part Mallah, part Brain in the form of Silverback. Sadly, I don't think we'll ever get a Silverback action figure, but take a gander down below and let your imagination wander. 
Drawn by Ig Guara, inked by J. P. Mayer and colored by Pete Pantazis

Those are the post-reboot appearances I have figured out (with confirmation and collaboration from folks far and wide across the interwebs, but notably the gentlemen on Doom Podtrol and my fellow CBR reviewer, Greg McElhatton). 

Sorry I've been so intermittent throughout 2012, my friends. Life gets busy when you're raising three kids with various activities throughout the year, changing jobs and reviewing at least six comic books every week on the side. Excuses? Nah. Just facts. I'm not a master at time management, but by golly, I'm learning how to squeeze in as much as possible into the time I have available. 

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  1. I can't help but think that at some point DC will fess up that the nu 52 is an elseworlds or alternate timeline or something, and then they will mash it up with the old DCU. I could be wrong: the DCnU feels forced and contrived, but maybe to new fans it doesn't. I don't think Didio and Co. understand the DP, so a decent DP book growing out of Ravagers would be welcome but unlikely.


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