Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Greatest Adventure #1

Hey Patrolers! Don't forget that My Greatest Adventure returns to comic racks this week, bringing Robotman with it! The solicit goes a little something like this: 
The adventures of WEIRD WORLDS’ Garbage Man and Tanga continue in MY GREATEST ADVENTURE, a new six-issue anthology-style miniseries. And this time around, they’re joined by the quirky and self-destructive Robotman.
Meet Robotman as he takes on a restaurant full of zombies. Follow Garbage Man as he makes his return to Gotham City and seeks out the only friend he has left. And watch Tanga suffer the consequences of defying King Za.
Robotman’s “Uncanny Valley, Part 1” is written by Matt Kindt and illustrated by Scott Kolins. “Garbage Man Returns” comes to you from Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan and “Tanga: Restrained” is by Kevin Maguire.
MY GREATEST ADVENTURE #1 goes on sale this upcoming Wednesday.

DC's Source has a preview of the issue, including the Garbage Man and Tanga stories, but I'm sharing the Robotman preview right here with you. 

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