Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The day is finally here, my friends. Today we are treated to the Franco and Art Baltazar-crafted "Crosswalk of Doom" story in Tiny Titans #44.

As always, I read this issue before my youngest ran away with it, and I gotta be honest, I'm fighting the urge to sneak into her room and steal it back. This issue was fun, funny, and enjoyable. I laughed out loud more than once and loud enough that my dear wife, from upstairs, started asking my children what was wrong with me.

"He's reading Tiny Titans," was my youngest's reply.

"That's it?!" my wife asked, completely befuddled at the sheer entertainment this book provides. Go and get it my friends. Laugh a little and thank me later.


  1. Maybe I'm just turning into a grumpy 32 year old but we need more fun in comics! Glad this issue has it in droves - now I just have to wait two weeks for it to arrive here!!


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