Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The First Issue

For funsies, I thought I'd do some digging on the Interwebs to uncover what the first issue of the original My Greatest Adventure looked like, seeing as we're just days away from the newest go-round.

Feast upon this friends. 

"My Cargo was Death." THAT sounds like one great adventure. I don't own any of the pre-DP issues, but I've always been curious to know how they hold up. How about you, my friends? Anyone a bigtime old-school MGA fan? 

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  1. Just happened to come across this blog post. I happen to *love* the pre-Doom Patrol My Greatest Adventure. I've got to hunt down about 20 more issues before I have a complete run, and naturally, the earliest issues are the hardest ones to come by. As for how they hold up... about as well as any of the science-fictiony stories from that era. Some are obviously better than others, and many are a product of their times, but there's something enjoyable there. I never know when I pick up an issue whether it's going to be one of the ones with Kirby or Toth doing the artwork on one of the stories, or whether it's going to be one of DC's workhorses. I personally love the first person narration in each story. I love that the main character of each story is involved in some kind of personal adventure. To me, this book seemed to stick closest to the main idea of adventure stories, whereas other books (like Mystery in Space or Strange Adventures) tended to become warehouses for any old sci-fi story. They're definitely worth picking up if you happen to see any in the back issue bins.


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