Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Appointment with "Doc"

I've sung the praises of Evan "Doc" Shaner once or twice before in other parts of these here internets, and I'll continue to do so again and again. I dig the young fella's style immensely, and well, now you can too:

Check out the almighty Twart to catch the vibe. This is one of the best pieces I've seen on the Twart, of the DP, and from Doc Shaner in particular. It's awesome in a can. I especially dig the chalk-like drawings of the villains in the background. Great, great stuff.

How Shaner doesn't have a regular gig somewhere drawing something is completely beyond me. His style, to me, is timeless, in the way that Mike Parobeck's was.  Check out more of Shaner's stuff.  Thank me later.

Quick side note: I do not know the entire selection process that went into Chris Samnee declaring that the Doom Patrol would be the Twart selection of the week, but I find it stunning to see that the majority of these entries tie in to the "classic" Doom Patrol, without a Negative Woman, Celsius, Tempest, or Dorothy Spinner to be seen yet.

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