Monday, October 12, 2009

Negative Monday 19

Larry Trainor from Doom Patrol #3, being, well, negative.

Embrace your inner Trainor today and be negative. Just for a moment.


  1. I'm a veritable nattering nabob of negativism!

    Nice to see a whole blog related to my favourite non-team. I always felt that it held eerie similarities to my life and friends - minus the special-effects powers, of course.

    Speaking of which, and my main reason for communicating here, there is a particular robotman quote that I'm trying to find because I just used it in a very serious situation in real life. I think it would be terribly amusing to show the other person in the conversation where I got the line from.

    it's something along the lines of this: Someone (Dr. Magnus?) is asking him why he keeps going - "Why do you keep doing it? Why do you risk your life time after time to save people who despise and fear you?" He answers "Because I keep hoping that someone will save me."

    Any idea on narrowing down my search for this issue? I first thought it was in the first Morrison issue but it's not the asylum scene there. I don't think it was in the rest of the Morrison run and it certainly wasn't in the original 60s run. One of the first issues of one of the reboots after Morrison? If you have any ideas give me a buzz at me gmail account "witheringsnodgrass".

    Thanks in advance for any CPU cycles you spend on this.

  2. I'll set to digging on this, a worthy request.

  3. Hey Doug,
    The conversation with Magnus that Nadreck is looking for doesn't take place in the Morrison or Pollack issues and I didn't bother skimming the Kupperbergs because it just seems unlike his tone. I did find something similar though.

    In issue #62(12/92) Cliff returns to the hospital where he met Jane/Kay. She's been missing for months and he's desperate for leads. He's talking to the doctor who told him (just before the Candlemaker attack) about how Kay really became Jane. He notices the dent in the wall that he made with his head while having that conversation with Magnus back in #19(2/89). The doctor (I can't tell if she's ever been identified by name) is warning Cliff that he's holding himself to impossible standards. When he says, "I want to save everybody", she tells him, "...perhaps you're hoping that someone will care enough to save you.". If the quote comes from that period and it reminded Nadreck of the talk Cliff had with Magnus in #19, I'm guessing that's it.

  4. PB, once again, I thank you.

    I skimmed my Arcudi's, the front and back of the run and the end of Kupperberg's and found nothing.

    I also thought it might be somewhere in the Showcase issues with the "New" Doom Patrol, or maybe in New Teen Titans.

    Let me just say, I'm about ready to forego all new comics and just spend the next few years pretending my Doom Patrol collection are new comics. There's some good stuff there. . . it'd be nice to find more time to blog about it all. . .

  5. Doug,
    I've been starting an outline/chronology at but it's not finished. Trying to verify the cameo appearances from 1998-2001 is almost more trouble than it's worth. The Pollack stuff should be outlined tomorrow, then everything after that should be easy. Next week maybe. But in the absence of paperbacks for the Kupperberg period that outline should be really helpful. (Also, Magnus is definitely the guy who salvaged Cliff in the Showcase issues, but he wasn't identified until later. At the time, your only clue was his pipe.)


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