Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Episode 79: Merry Spacemas, Everybody!



Hmmm. How about, "DOOM PATROLLERS, LISTEN!" Here's the Podbean link for your earholes. 

Episode 79: Merry Spacemas, Everybody!December 22, 2016
Much Doom. Very Patrol. It's the penultimate episode for 2016, featuring the penultimate issue of Doom Patrol volume 1! So everyone get ready to take a drink (poor Cliff) and let's get patrolling!

Down on Derington Way - 9:01Doom Clock - 18:03Doomsplaining - 20:41 - This week we look at issues 119 and 120 from volume 1 of the Doom Patrol, by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani!Mailbag O Doom - 56:19 - We read your responses to the question, "What is something cool that is the same age as you?"

So let's hop to it! 
Here's the cover for Doom Patrol (v1) #119. 

Some of the visual highlights from Doom Patrol #119

Inspiration comes in all forms, right, Mr. Way?

Just a sip. 

This is DEFINITELY Doug's Dig for #119. 
Larry's being kinda negative. 
Cliff's expression says it all. 
As Paul calls it, "A stranger to blinking."
Creepy guru making Rita a baby. Creepy, creepy guru. 
Another sip.
Everybody has a guru. WilFreD needs one too! 
A regular paramecium, that one! 
Once a nutjob, always a nutjob. . .

And the visual vittles from Doom Patrol #120 (cover can be found on the post from a couple days back).

Rage, Wrecker, rage! 
Aw yeah! Drink.
RA-2. Also, I'm no brain surgeon, but that doesn't look too good, Cliff. 
A secret room on the Island of Misfit Toys. 
So toyetic. Sigh. 
New World island! Huzzah! 
At least the Wrecker is kind enough to not deprive Larry of his smokes. 
RA-2, Cliff, it's all the same. 
Truly, no caption required. 
As the guys do, here's a trip down Derington Way

Challenging the Unknown for the win. 

Man. Nick Derington sure has brought us some great, great work this year. I cannot wait to see more from this guy and I hope 2017 puts him at a con I'm going to. (C2E2 sounds good to me, Nick. Just sayin')

What is the worst continuation (prequel/sequel) to something?

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