Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DP love on the Rama!

Our pal in Doom, Petar, of yon excellent DP blog DOOMPEDIA, dropped a link down to Newsarama. Said link contained a Vaneta Rogers-powered interview with Gail Simone and Keith Giffen and included this little snippet:
And they'll move out into the DCU and start rubbing up against some of the other heroes as we try to establish just where their place in the DCU is.

While I'd be one of the first to say seventeen issues in seems a little late to me, I have to admit, Giffen set out to establish a tone for this book and has done so. Now seems like a great time to start kicking the tires and seeing how well it all holds together.

Feel free to follow Petar's link or make with a direct click right here.

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