Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More DP #11 coverage

So I posted a bit about the issue coming out on Wednesday and included this cover image.

Then I posted a link to the Source's preview of this issue. They used this cover image.

Where'd Rita go?!?

Once you read the preview (and/or the issue itself) it'll become clear where Elasti-Woman went.

Finally, being a picky former art director (operative word there being former) I'd like to gripe about the background being so close in tone to the T-Rex side of AVM Man's noggin. Poor planning there.

Come back a little later for my latest hare-brained theory on Thayer Jost. . .


  1. You know, FINALLY I'm starting to like this book (or at least this currently story arc.)

    I have to say, I both hated and loved the ending on this issue! Hated it because of what happened to a Grant Morrison character (which so far seemed to be used for shock value only, though I'm hoping there's more to it) and loved it, because yet ANOTHER Morrison character has made his return!

  2. Hi Doug!
    If you (or any of your readers) are looking forward to the conclusion to the Brave And The Bold story featuring the Silver Age Doom Patrol, Diamond Distributors has just announced that it's been pushed back three weeks. B&B #35 (with the Legion of Substitute Heroes and the Inferior Five) is now scheduled to ship July 14th.


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