Monday, June 7, 2010

Doom Patrol #11 - this Wednesday!

The eleventh issue of Doom Patrol hits the new comics racks this week.

Here's the solicitation text straight from DC's site:

What kind of people call themselves "The Brotherhood of Evil"? Not this group; not if a certain pan-dimensional business tycoon has anything to say about it. After all, image is everything. But it doesn't matter how they rebrand themselves – the Doom Patrol has found them, and it's not going to be pretty.    DC Universe    32pg.    Color    $2.99 US

Looks like we might get some answers about just what is going on with "Thayer Jost".

For those Doom Patrol fans who are trade-waiters or late joiners, the collected edition of the first few issues of this volume of Doom Patrol also hits the  streets. Titled We Who Are About to Die, this book weighs in at 144 pages and carries a $14.99 cover price. It looks like this new trade collects issue 1-7. I can't guarantee it, but taking into account that the trade is solicited at 144 pages, and the original issues feature twenty pages of Doom Patrol story while Metal Men was running back-up. That would include the Blackest Night two-parter featuring art from Justiniano.

I haven't seen any indication of the "final art" for the cover, but when I do, it'll be here for you. Here's hoping Matthew Clark was able to do something new.

Another book coming out this week that you all might be interested in is Neil Young's Greendale from Vertigo. It's written by Joshua Dysart with art from Cliff Chiang. It's an original hardcover graphic novel, and as such carries a slightly higher price tag, but it's got Cliff Chiang art!

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