Friday, February 19, 2010

Elasti-WOMAN Friday 18

The next few Elasti-Woman Fridays are going to be simple one panel randomly (well, as random as I can get) selected with some commentary.

YOUR commentary is encouraged and appreciated.

For starters, I grabbed the first John Byrne issue I could lay my hands on. I grabbed this panel from Doom Patrol Volume 4 Issue #14.

Re-reading this issue I found it was actually a bit of fun, so without further ado:

Yes, I am aware of the firestorm (gotcha Shag!) this could create since Byrne is either revered or not-so-much.

Personally, I am quite fond of Byrne's rendition of the original patrol such as he submitted int he original Who's Who decades ago. His turn of DP was decent, but far from my personal fave. The bondage Larry outfit just bugged me. . .

Discuss. . .


  1. Nice Firestorm crack!

    The face of the Elasti-Girl on the right doesn't look right. Something about the forehead or eyebrows. I'm not sure. It just looks weird. And the Elasti-Woman on the left looks so anatomically messed-up that her waist would actually snap in half from the weight of her upper torso.

    And for the record, I love me some old school John Byrne. I can re-read the first run of Alpha Flight over and over again and be happy as can be. Oh yeah, remind me to tell you sometime about my friend calling John Byrne a bum to his face. Crazy!

    The Irredeemable Shag

  2. John Bryne is responsible for my Fantastic Four addiction, and happily dive back into the run when I need a reliable hit of 'wow'.

    That said, I just didn't get a lot about his DP run.

    This panel reminds me of the early days of Excalibur, when Shadowcat found a mirror universe in the lighthouse basement, (Rita on the left kinda even looks like Kitty).

    Ahh the original Excalibur, now there's a few books that could do with been doug out!


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