Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Doom Patrolers have a very Merry Christmas! Keep warm, enjoy any time off from work you get and thanks for checking in.

I'll be back hopefully over the weekend for a post or two.

Until then, here's some pencils (and inks!) from Matthew Clark for the last page of the last issue.


Yeah, it kinda is a re-gift (Thanks Matthew!!!), but would you have seen it elsewhere? Only here, Patrolers, only here.


  1. That's a great page! It's got me totally pumped for the coming year! In particular, I'm looking forward to the pelicans and Rita's showdown with Mento. Here's hoping that this book has a long and healthy run.

  2. For Fred (and Doug),
    The DC Holiday Special '09 was indeed 80 pages plus covers @$5.99. It breaks down as 9pp ads, 1p contents, 1p DCNation, 69pp story (86+%),
    with 16 stories ranging from 1p to 7pp. DP is 6pp, set in pre-Crisis continuity but drawn to evoke the anime Teen Titans designs. All the stories look really decent with younger artists tackling 'low-traffic' characters. The only real 'name' artists are Billy Tucci(Sgt. Rock), Howard Chaykin (Enemy Ace) and Dan Green inking Adam Strange (besides Chaykin he's the only one here old enough to have read Mystery In Space).

  3. Any idea why Jane is holding a brick? Could it be to maintain a physical connection to Danny? I like the fact that Giffen hit the ground running and has been touching bases with the book's history while in transit and where applicable. He seems to be pooh-poohing the common complaints in the past that you'd either have to spend a year on boring exposition for people to understand all the characters before you started, or else ignore everything. He's right; that's ridiculous. Did Stan and Jack explain all the characters they wanted to use in the first 100 issues of the FF before they started telling stories about them? And how did that turn out? I'm going to trust his instincts on when to craft a new character and when to dust off an old one. We'll them all in their own time.

  4. I've got an idea why Jane is holding a brick, but that'd be telling tales out of school.

    I need to get some clearance approved first. . .

  5. Hey, no problem! I'll totally give you clearance. :)


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