Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blackest Night Doomed

So the second issue of the Blackest Night crossover is here and gone. I reviewed it for Comic Book Resources, so here's a link for that. I didn't say so in my review, but to me, this issue is worth the price of admission for the cover alone. Of course, next issue's Maguire-inspired, Matthew Clark-drawn cover is just as worthy.

If you're not feeling linky, well, here's a small excerpt.

Giffen handles the "Blackest Night" crossover delicately. In these pages, the encounters with the Black Lanterns are loud and gory, but the conclusion to the Black Lantern story doesn't happen here. Apparently it'll happen back in the main pages of "Blackest Night." To be sure, some readers will cry foul over that decision, but in doing so, Giffen focuses on the Doom Patrol and their dead demons and closet-based skeletons. Rounding out the Doom Patrol part of this title is a teaser page that is handled like a movie poster. A nice fun way to wrap up this issue and entice temporary Doom Patrol readers into coming back next issue.

Tomorrow will be another Negative Monday (which won't be negative for me at all, as I'm taking a day off from work!) and Tuesday I've got another nice little surprise for you. Beyond that, well, let's just see what happens together.


  1. Hey it's great seeing this blog up and running again. I enjoyed the interview with Matthew Clark and thought that your review of Doom Patrol #5 was pretty much spot on. I'm not sure what was going on with Rebis, though. I've reread that section a couple of times and I'm not even sure why Cliff thinks that Rebis has returned. Of course, my knowledge of Morrison's Doom Patrol is pretty sparse... I remember reading the first arc years ago and then bailing on the book. I'm pretty sure that it will all get explained next issue.


  2. Agreed...this was a great issue. Love your blog.


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