Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sharing the Doom Patrol Love

Hey all!

This one's going to be quick. I just wanted to share a link to another lovely Doom Patrol blog out here on the interwebs.

If you've read any f the comments that are wonderfully added onto the blog posts here, you've undoubtedly seen - and most likely been enlightened by - posts from a kind soul who goes by "pblfsda". Rather than try and pronounce that one, I've jumped to the conclusion that "we're all friends here" and referred to this kind soul as "PB". At any rate, PB has a blog of his (her? sorry PB, we've never clarified) own that discusses the Doom Patrol in significantly more detail than some of my blurbs. PB has broken the history of the DP into eras and discusses each ont he site. I've found this to be greatly informative and defintely worth more of my time.

No doubt about it, PB has a passion for this band of freaks.

Here's a link to that site and I'll also tuck a link over there ------>

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  1. Thank you muchly, Doug! (And it's "his"; after re-reading the Pollack years recently I had to check.) This is just the kick in the pants I need to finish the immense 'Wilderness Years' entry. It might also deliver some much needed input from Legion of Super-Heroes fans about issues of LSH I'm missing. For instance, would anyone out there have any idea why Legion members always wore individual outfits for thirty-plus years, but sometime in the nineties the Legionnaires started wearing... the pattern of the original Doom Patrol? It would explain why Impulse is wearing it; he was born in the future, too. The Legion are celebrities in their time, they set trends. But why did that particular design become the uniform?


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