Monday, November 9, 2009

Negative Monday 22

From The Fwoosh, here's some images of the Negative Man figure from the yet-to-be-formally-announced DC Universe Classics line. The Fwoosh, in my opinion, tends to be a little out front of the announcements as the happen. Action Figure Insider is my preferred site of choice for news on all things plastic, but this is some great news for Doom Patrol fans.

This set will include:
Wondergirl - the Donna Troy version
Superboy - the Conner Kent version as he originally appeared
Cheetah - two versions, the classic Super Friends version and the more modern - but not current appearance - George Pérez version
Blue Devil - the original look for Mr. Cassidy
Blue Beetle - Jaime Reyes
and our very own Negative Man.

From what I gather, Larry is going to be the variant, with his "negative face" showing.

The collect-and-connect figure here will be Trigon. After all, they have to string us a long a little farther before they give us Rita, right?

I'm a little puzzled by Mattel's choice to go retro with the appearance of Larry Trainor, as I think Matthew Clark's design is top notch and would make a more dramatic action figure. Who am I to complain? At least we'll be getting a Negative Man action figure!


  1. I'm curious as to why he appears to have a D belt buckle. Leftover Deadman parts?

  2. Yeah - I would've run with the current look too. IMO that's the best he's looked. Still a great figure to grab!

  3. Jeff - wouldn't you want a D on your belt buckle if you were part of the Doom Patrol?!

    Seriously, just another reason to run with the new design, in my opinion. The "DP" communicators the entire team wears are less abrasive than the D Mattel wants to use to brand this team.

    The JLU DP figures are another example. . .

  4. You can't get any cooler than Rebis! Ah, Rebis... how I miss you!

  5. I've always been intrigued by the Doom Patrol from a distance. I've been a fan of Marvel and DC books forever. Metal Men, FF, X-Men, et. but I've never immersed myself in Doom Patrol.

    Could you offer me some direction on where to start?

    I'm looking at the DC Archive books. Should I start with Volume 1 and keep going?

    I remember having the occasional comic book when I was a kid. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  6. Sci-Fi Fanatic? The Archives are a great place to start. The original 1960's run is complete in five volumes and the weirdness holds up decades later.
    Unfortunately the only other portion of Doom Patrol back catalog reproduced in its entirety is the Grant Morrison run from 1989-1992. If you're picking and choosing on e-Bay or some comparable site try: Archive Vol.1; Archive Vol.3; Secret Origins Annual #1(1987); Crawling From The Wreckage (2nd edition); The Painting That Ate Paris; the first fourteen Arcudi issues (if they're being sold as a group, or the first nine); JLA:The Tenth Circle which introduced the Byrne phase and the upcoming issue #6 of the current series. Doug had a peek at it on Negative Monday 21. He was also kind enough to tip his hat towards my still-gestating blog disecting the back issues in the post prior to this. If you decide you like the group and want a chronolgy of guest appearances, etc., I've just finished covering up to 2000.

  7. Thank you! Very informative and helpful. I'll have to pick a starting point and go.


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