Sunday, February 22, 2009

History of the DCU part 2

As promised, here's the second appearance of the "new" Doom Patrol in the pages of the second issue of History of the DC Universe. Beyond this appearance in the History, the DP hadn't truly made very many other appearances (and trio in Showcase, some glimpses in New Adventures of Supergirl and a DC Comics Presents) before moving into the Paul Kupperberg-penned, Steve Lightle-drawn Doom Patrol.

Click on it to read it with significantly less squinting.

This version of the DP made an appearance in Crisis that led to Negative Woman's critical role in the defeat of the Anti-Monitor.

For the most part, with some significant wardrobe updating, this is the team that appeared in Doom Patrol volume 2.

Of course, I just realized I might be getting slightly ahead of myself. I think I'll take the next few updates to introduce the characters of the DP to you, my Doomed readers.

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  1. What superhero doesn't look awesome when drawn by George Perez?


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